How Do I Know If I Have A Fitbit Charge 2 Or 3

The Fitbit Charge has been one of the most in style fitness trackers year after 12 months. But what kind of upgrades does Fitbit really make year-over-year? And is the Charge 3 really that significantly better than the Charge 2?

how do i know if i have a fitbit charge 2 or 3

Join an current conversation, or start a brand new thread to ask your query. Creating your account is completely free, and takes a couple of minute. For now, we’ll assume Charge three has the advantage right here, however you could be sure this is among the first things I’ll be testing when I get my tracker and I’ll let you realize if the claims have any reality. Both the Fitbit Charge three and Charge 2 have multiple clock faces to select from, although they aren’t customizable and there are no 3rd party clock faces like there are for Versa and Ionic.

Hardware Features

Just like another devices in Fitbit’s lineup, the characteristic is accessible on Charge three. In a first for Fitbit, the charging cables are the identical across both the Charge 3 and Charge four, the longer-handled charger that comes with the Charge 2 is not cross-compatible. The Charge four is slightly lighter , with the tracker housed within a plastic resin case, somewhat than aluminium. The materials change may irk some however in real-world use, we’d prioritise unobtrusiveness and fewer weight over more premium materials, so far as exercise trackers are involved. According to Fitbit, the Charge three was 1.41in excessive, whereas the Charge 4 is only one.4in. The Charge three was 0.89in broad too and yet the Charge 4 is 0.9in – the variations are so slight here that this may simply be the company rounding to the nearest decimal.

how do i know if i have a fitbit charge 2 or 3

Any activity which entails a great deal of muscle flexion in your arm will distort coronary heart price readings with the optical sensor. Also, Fitbit does not enable their gadgets to pair with an external coronary heart fee monitor, so the wrist sensor is the only option right now. On paper, there are many reasons here to make the improve from the Charge 2 to the Charge 3.

Fitbit Cost 3 Or Cost 2: Battery Life And Water Resistance

PermalinkThe Charge 2 bands will not work with the Charge 3, totally different design. The Screen on the Charge three is actually Gorilla Glass three, big improve for scratch resistance. All pictures below present an image of the Fitbit model with the mannequin name and number subsequent to it. Yes, we’re done with the comparability portion of this publish, but there are a some areas we’d still like to handle about these devices. You could discover that our site does not have many advertisements and all of our content material is free.

We have referred to as in to customer service and all they will do is maintain you on the for about a hour by the top of the decision inform you they will send a alternative. Much like the Versa and Ionic, Charge 3 additionally comes with apps. This contains Alarms, Timer, Weather, Calendar, Fitbit Leaderboard, in addition to popular third-party apps that might be added within the coming months. Unfortunately offline storage for music or a method to control your smartphone music remotely from your wrist in not out there on Charge devices.

Battery life is at all times a compromise between dimension, display decision and extra. Fitbit is conscious of this is a vital selling point when it comes to one thing that retains tabs in your fitness around the clock. This measures blood oxygen ranges and might be used to determine sleep apnea and other medical conditions sooner or later. This is similar sensor you’ll find on Ionic and Versa, however we have yet to see it put to real-world use. Straps carry commonplace watch-style clasp mechanisms and are interchangeable, so you probably can tailor the wearable to your liking.

how do i know if i have a fitbit charge 2 or 3

The wristbands are appropriate between models, so let’s say they’re the same measurement. To have a look at, theCharge three and Charge four are practically equivalent in their design. When you place the two subsequent to each other, it’s near-enough unimaginable to see any real distinction as regards to look. If you simply look at a picture of those two units you possibly can inform they have a heck of a lot in common. Fitbit mainly took the Charge 2 and mentioned, “hhm, what would make this slightly better?

You’ll lose out on swim-proofing and you won’t get all of your smartphone app notifications on your wrist, however you’ll still get great sleep monitoring and social options within the Fitbit app. The core health tracker options across the two units are largely the identical. Given that Fitbit can provide new options by way of software program updates, we would not be shocked if it’s going to at least try do the identical for the Charge 2. It’s additionally price mentioning that features like superior sleep tracking and feminine well being monitoring can be found to all Fitbit trackers by way of the companion app.

Unfortunately, both gadgets use a proprietary charging cable, so that’s just one extra piece of tech to recollect to deliver with you whenever you travel. Something you could not know though is Fitbit has enhanced its heart fee expertise within the Fitbit Charge 3. Ultimately, because of this Charge three can better estimate all-day calorie burn compared to Charge 2, giving it the advantage in all-day exercise monitoring.