Tp-link Tri-band 12-stream Ax11000 Wi-fi 6 Router

Note its well-designed antenna connectors.Locally, though, chances are the best you could get out of it is 1Gbps, until you employ a server with Link Aggregation. Indeed, the router can mix its LAN2 and LAN3 ports into a single 2 Gbps connection. The TP-Link Archer AX11000 has the default setting printed on its underside.

The AX11000 does help WPA3, while being backward-compatible with the previous standards. The AX11000 presents some serious power, so it’s no surprise that it is available in a bigger package deal. This is a horizontally oriented router in an nearly matte-black plastic, that takes up considerable desktop actual estate with its square design. On prime of that, it has a big brick of an influence supply that additionally takes up even more space, along with a complete of eight antennas that are adorned in red.

Lightning Assault To Defeat Latency

Indeed, due to the web interface, you will get the Archer AX11000 up and working the identical means you do any normal routers. The TP-Link Archer AX11000’s internet interface is type of fancy with the purple theme and the integrated speed take a look at. Not only is that this a time-saver, but the antennas also stay tightly linked — they will not budge at all. The first thing you’ll observe getting the Archer AX11000 out of the field is how huge it is. The physique itself is a big sq., measuring 9.5-inch (240.5 mm) extensive and a pair of.2-inch (55.four mm) tall. The TP-Link Archer AX11000’s antennas are super-sturdy.

tp-link tri-band 12-stream ax11000 wi-fi 6 router

In the case of Archer AX11000, the gaming notion is usually just a marketing ploy, which has zero relevance to the facts. As it appears, TP-Link artificially changes the names of many frequent settings of the router’s web interface to incorporate the word “Game” in them. Next, you’ll notice the eight antennas and may really feel a bit taken aback serious about the ache of having to assemble them to the router’s body. Pick one and push it into a connector, and it will get firmly attached after a click on sound. The AX11000 earned excessive marks on our throughput tests. Truth is that I get near over 1.2gb down continuously, except when the router decides to decrease the the link velocity, or the sign, or nevertheless is correctly stated.


It’s not a lot of a stretch to say that a good number of of us don’t give a ton of thought to their router. After all, it’s in some methods only a field that sends out a Wi-Fi sign. But when you’re a wi-fi tech aficionado and/or a serious gamer who needs to be sure to’re getting the most effective connection potential, TP-Link would kindly like you to consider the Archer AX11000 Next-Gen Tri-Band Gaming Router. We’ll simply be calling it the TP-Link AX11000 from right here on out.

tp-link tri-band 12-stream ax11000 wi-fi 6 router

Performance was higher on 5 GHz, and weak on 2.4 GHz where we experienced a lot of spikes on PingPlotter, indicative of the router not dealing with the community congestion nicely. However, on the 5 GHz frequency, the framerate we obtained on Overwatch with the video streaming congestion of 129.3 FPS is notable as it is a higher score than we obtained by way of Ethernet. Also realize that while the FPS is higher, the PingPlotter spikes increased to 7, and the dropped video frames elevated to 36.2%, both increases over a wired connection. Unlike some rivals and even lesser routers, the antennas are all in a exhausting and fast location, and cannot be fine-tuned through repositioning. There are also a lot of holes on the highest of the router and an LED within the center place on high that thankfully can be turned off.

(★) Tests with two 2×2 Wi-Fi 6 clients, every linked solely to a 5GHz band.I also did some particular exams on this router. In short, the entire gaming notion on the TP-Link Archer AX11000 is a inconsiderate charade that causes the router’s interface to be extra confusing than essential. And so far as gaming is worried, this new router delivered the same as the Archer AX6000 in my trial. The Device Priority setting, part of the Game Center, isn’t exactly good for gaming.That looks like a good suggestion.

tp-link tri-band 12-stream ax11000 wi-fi 6 router

However, once prioritized, the system can hog the Internet even when used for non-gaming actions, similar to downloading a large file. And then, it’s going to make gaming on other sport consoles in the network a terrible experience. Take “Device Priority,” which is a half of the “Game Center,” for instance. It’s the place you can arrange QoS rules for specific related shoppers. Turning that on for a selected device implies that the gadget could have the primary dibs on the Internet before all others. Most users will enjoy games the same with virtually any router, and for them, using a gaming router won’t bring in any improvement at all.

Way out of whack – like main page will show 5 clients and DHCP will say 28 purchasers related. There’s more to testing than understanding what a characteristic is supposed to do. For your case, get a Wi-Fi 6 access point and wire it to the router.

The extended community will be used with a special network id/name so I don’t need steady seamless connection between floors, I just want to make certain I have fast/reliable web connection in the different ground. The Archer AX11000 has no multi-gig LAN port, so in my sort of testing, its efficiency capped on the pace of its Gigabit community port. But that applies to the complete community, which begs the query of why this setting even exists. It should be part of the router’s regular function always. It’s not like there are conditions where high latency is an effective factor.

You’ll almost NEVER get the Internet pace you need at the end-device, Piticli. I am capable of get my over 1.2 gigs down, but minutes or hours later the link speed goes down to 1, 1,2gb, after which I know I can only get round 750mb down. The solely resolution is to switch to a different channel and then same thing happens minutes or hours later… So annoying. Very inconsistent speeds between 980mb and 1.2gb, no matter being totally able to much more. When is working the hyperlink pace shows between 1.7 to 2.4gb, it goes all over.

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You can use it in this up-side-down place with no downside. Note, by the greatest way, how the router is wall-mountable. And there’s nothing on the last aspect of the router. The third aspect is where you’ll discover the TP-Link Archer AX11000’s WPS button, Wi-Fi, and LED on/of buttons.